Current Updates! The Grasshoppers Club OUTDOOR Practice meets every SUNDAY at Meadowbrook Park from 8:30AM until 9:30AM / 10AM. If it rains, we'll be in the Pavilion by the Playground. Wear comfortable workout clothes and shoes! Bring Water! This is a Family-Friendly practice open to ALL AGES. First class FREE! Please allow this site to send you notifications about class status and also sign up for our email list.

As a Student, your learning is your own.

As an Educator, my role is to guide, nurture, and support your curiosity in order to create a safe and empowering learning environment.

As a Student, I follow a rule that served me well throughout my life:

"A teacher is a student who teaches in order to continue his study." (Mochizuki Minoru Sensei)


Flexible Minds, Flexible Bodies
Inquisitive Minds
Chop Wood, Carry Water
Why train if I don't fight?
Why "Rethinking Martial Arts"
From one Grasshopper to Another
A Small Stomp . . .