Current Updates! The Grasshoppers Club moved INDOORS! Practice meets every SUNDAY from 8:30AM (check our CALENDAR for details). Wear comfortable workout clothes! Bring Water! This is a Family-Friendly practice open to ALL AGES. First class FREE! Please allow this site to send you notifications about class status and also sign up for our email list.

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Joining The Grasshoppers Club Private Community has a few distinct benefits. Here are few for you to consider - and I hope you'll join us:

  1. The Community provides a Safe, Private, and Family-Friendly environment. Adults, Youth, Kids are all welcomed and the content will remain safe for all. 
  2. We have no advertisement from outside sources, no marketing retargeting hidden mechanisms, and all of our data is safe and private (community members can advertise their own skills, classes, etc, as needed). 
  3. You do not need to practice in our local sessions to join - anyone from anywhere can join as long as they are interested in how Martial Arts can benefit a regular daily life. 
  4. Unlike FB for example, our conversations will not get lost and manipulated by some AI algorithm. We can confidently engage in a discussion and not get lost in a sea of digital noise. 
  5. As a community member you will have access to exclusive content such as articles, lessons, online classes/workshops, specific conversations focused on hands-on issues that can range from parenting to emotional wellbeing. 
  6. Our community enables us to engage with one another, make friends, seek support, explore and learn together. 
  7. The Grasshoppers Club community is a family-friendly online village where all members can coexist in a space built on mutual respect. 
  8. I am not only a Founder :) As a Parent and Teacher I am personally invested in The Grasshoppers Club, so every Member of our community can send feedback, ask for features and support, and be a creative part of everything we do. 
  9. It is absolutely FREE to join.

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