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A Family-Friendly Training Method for All Ages

Please join us on a journey of curiosity and exploration of Movement through Martial Arts.

ADULT practice on Sunday Mornings available - please use the form below to inquire.

It was a pleasure to have our child attend Grasshoppers martial Art class. The teacher, Bo, has a unique way of training the students by making them understand the technique and encouraging movements that are in-sync with mind-body-brain system. This is a holistic way for teaching anything. As a teacher, Bo demonstrates high skills, in-depth knowledge of his subjects, yet, maintaining a playful atmosphere and friendly approach!

We wish Grasshoppers club the best!

Kuldeepa VM, Mom

Founder, Co-organizer - Ascending Aesthetic

  • 2023 Classes
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2023 Classes


This 12-week Transformational Program is intended for personal development and performance enhancement; we train friendly, yet vigorously :)

WINTER 2023 Kids/Youth: 12 WEEK INTENSIVE Indoors (January - March) at I-Power Gymnastics

UPCOMING SPRING 2023: Classes will be offered in Madison WI starting June 2023!

GRASSHOPPERS SHORTPATHS is a Training & Mentorship Program focused on individual milestones. We include MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, and PHYSICAL strength, endurance, agility, and adaptability while also adding STORYTELLING flavors to each practice.

GRASSHOPPERS SHORTPATHS is all about efficiency. We seek the fastest and safest natural path to improvement according to each individual needs. The Program includes ongoing training strategies between sessions, and an optional app to keep track of challenges.

2023 SPRING/SUMMER Pre-Registration and Location(s) will be announced here. Use the form below to request class notification.


2023 Grasshoppers DEVELOPMENTAL Training will be announced in SPRING 2023

Pre-Registration: March 2023

CURRENT PROGRAM - WINTER 2023: 12 WEEK INTENSIVE Indoors (January - March) at I-Power Gymnastics

AGE GROUPS: 8 - 12 | 13 - 18

SPRING-FALL 2023: Madison Outdoors (April - October):

GRASSHOPPERS SHORTPATHS Training & Mentorship Program

AGE GROUPS: 6 - 10 | 11 - 14 | 15 & UP


Pre-Registration TBA March 2023. Pre-Reqs: Min. 4 DEVELOPMENTAL practices OR Individual Evaluation based on prior training and skill level.

AGE GROUPS: 6 - 10 | 11 - 14 | 15 & UP


Pre-Registration TBA March 2023. Pre-Reqs: Individual Evaluation based on prior training and skill level.

AGE GROUPS: 11 - 14 | 15 & UP

About Bo

Mr. Bo's Martial Arts Bio

40+ years of practice and 20+ years of instructing.

Started Okinawan Goju-Ryu at the age of 13, became one of the Founders of the first Romanian Martial Arts Federation, and later an Aikido Instructor with the Romanian Aikido Federation under Dan Ionescu Shihan.

My focus is in researching and incorporating teaching methodologies across various Martial Arts styles, with the goal to support a Developmental, Enhancement, Performance, and Recovery Movement-based Program for all ages.

"A teacher is a student who teaches in order to continue his study."

Mochizuki Minoru Sensei

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